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design holiday houses Rajsko in Sumava National Park for rent - exteriors

Environment , Exteriors

Enjoy true freedom without fences and neighbours .... Holiday houses Rajsko are built on unfenced croft land with an area of 1.6 hectares with a private driveway which guarantees peace and safety at the same time. You really won`t meet a neighbor ...

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Design holiday Houses Rajsko - covered wooden deck

Wooden decks

Wooden terraces invite you to sit and linger. Terraces are an integral part of the interior, although they are outside.

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Design holiday Houses Rajsko for rent Sumava Czech Republic

Living room with kitchen

Living room on the top floor is a generous space with large glass shield that puts you in constant contact with the surrounding nature, even when you're inside.

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Šumava chalupy ložnice náhled


On the ground floor naturally created by a slope there are 2 bedrooms. In summer they provide a pleasant coolness. The bedrooms access lower wooden deck.

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Design holiday Houses Rajsko Sumava Czech Republic - bathroom


Bathroom is situated on the ground floor opposite to bedrooms. There is a spacious shower and 2 stainless steel sinks.

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