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Enjoy true freedom without fences and neighbours ….

Holiday houses Rajsko are built on unfenced croft land with an area of 1.6 hectares with a private driveway which guarantees peace and safety at the same time. You really won`t meet a neighbor …

Lawn around the houses is regularly cut and maintained and deer graze here all year round and prowl in the immediate vicinity of the houses, sometimes directly below the terrace.

You also do not have to worry about your children. Land is safe, no place where to fall.

For your well-being there is outdoor furniture as well as luxurious sun beds. You can place them anywhere on the plot, lie, read, watch in the sky or snooze….

Photos of the garden: (after clicking on any photo the photogallery starts)

Design holiday Houses Rajsko in Sumava National Park for rent - exteriors

Design holiday Houses Rajsko for rent Sumava Czech Republic

exterior, garden

Design holiday House Rajsko to rent in Sumava National Park - exterior (balcony and a glass shield with a beautiful view), garden

n holiday houses Rajsko to rent

Design holiday Houses Rajsko for rent Sumava Czech Republic - covered porch

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