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How to perceive architecture?
“Memory of travel is the stuff of our fairest dreams. Splendid cities, plazas, monuments, and landscape thus pass before our eyes, and we enjoy again the charming and impressive spectacles that we have formerly experienced. If we could but stop again at those places where beauty never satiates, we could bear many dreary hours with a light heart and pursue life`s long struggle with new energies.”

Architect Camillo Sitte (1843 – 1903), the introduction to his book The building cities based on artistic principles:

Although this smart gentleman has long died, this is exactly how we perceive a sense of architecture. Not necessarily modern design. Even old homes can be beautiful. It is important for us that we enjoy it, we wish to look at it again and again, to discover new elements and admire each detail.

New with traditional elements

In times of greatest expansion of colonization in the Bohemian Forest (18th and 19th century) houses mostly built for this region are still the most typical: over the front keel there was baroque tower, some houses had built-in wide corridor in the gable of the roof and some had even gates to store hay.
Location of buildings, acting as if naturally blended with the surrounding nature, was typical of all rural houses in Šumava. They were inserted directly into the hillside, there was no landscaping around, only pavement on the porch was paved with large flat stones. No gardens or orchards were formed around the houses, the residents kept only a small garden for flowers and vegetables alonf the frond side, protected with a picket fence.

Houses Rajsko were designed by talented architect Peter Lacko (check out his other work), and he was inspired by traditional Bohemian houses. Therefore, the porch in the gale of the roof is not missing and entrance area evokes the shape of former gates for hay which entered directly the loft.

Houses Rajsko have managed to combine traditional Šumava architecture with new modern elements – airy, light, wood, glass. Thanks to that, you will definitely feel comfortable and free. Your kids will have plenty of space to play ….

We hope you will like it.

Old and New: (click on any photo and you will start the photogallery)

Tradiční šumavská architektura - pavlač v čelním štítu, dřevo, zasazeno do přírody

Source of the photos of old cottages:

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